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Beautiful Beaches

Brazil is ranked for having some of the best beaches in the world. They feature white sand, warm water, warm climate and beautiful tall palm trees. Brazil has one of the longest tropical coast lines in the world.

Interest Rates in Brazil are Dropping Fast

If you look at rates 18 months ago they were at 18%. Today they are under 12% and falling every few months. These rates are falling because Brazil has a huge trade surplus and account balance due to its raw material export driven economy. This surplus has assisted in Brazil have sufficient currency reserves and […]

Pay Little, Get a Lot

In Brazil, construction costs are half what they are in the United States and Europe. Currency is also 2 to 1 to the dollar and almost 3 to 1 to the Euro. This money goes a long way on everyday purchases. This bonus can lure property buyers seeking an affordable standard of living, will create […]

Currently the 10th Largest Economy in the World, Brazil will be the 5th Largest in 2050 as ranked by Goldman Sachs.

When Brazil reaches its paramount in 2050, the beach property prices will be the same anywhere in the world. It is expected that beach property will continue to increase in value rapidly until 2050. This economic growth and stability creates international demand. It solidifies Brazil as a great place for real estate investors.