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Why not buy in Mexico?

Property in Mexico is not freehold. A foreign buyer has to have a partnership with a local person or the local bank. The bank also holds the title. There are also several scams going on in the Yucatan Peninsula (near Cancun) that involve people selling property they don’t even own. Mexico is a great place […]

Why not buy in Costa Rica?

Changing times bring changing laws. For years, property in Costa Rica was safe and secure; recently, the government has changed the laws so the property is free lease, unless grandfathered in. Now every 20 years the lease is renewable. This is not freehold. In Costa Rica, the government has changed the laws so that a […]

Why not buy in Nicaragua?

Does Daniel Ortega ring a bell? Back in the 1980’s, he was arch nemesis of the United States. He is president again. In a recent speech he stated: “Americans Go Home.” Investing in Nicaragua may have to wait until he goes away. Ranked as 2nd worst for infrastructure in the Americas behind Haiti (one of […]

Why not buy in Argentina?

Argentina is a great place to buy. However, the beaches are cold most of the year.