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There is a mis-communication that Brazil is restricted to foreign buyers. This is fase information. Brazil is ONLY restricted to the quantity of land taht a foreign buyer can own. Foreigners can tipically own between 700 and 9,000 hectares of land – 100% legally per structure. The law was designed not to restrict foreigners; it was to restrict foreign sovereign wealth funds from buying up a million hectares there. Buying 5,000 hectares is a substantial purchase for an investment fund. One of Brazil’s goals of having investors focus on smaller farms, is to focus on higher value crops, such as nuts, and fruits, and avoid the large swathes of soybean and corn farms. Per structure is simple: A foreign company, owning a brazillian company and the the brazillian company owning the land. There are other ways that large foreign investment funds have set up structures and that is set up a brazillian offfice, and that brazillian office starts a brazillian fund,and foreign inverstors invests into the fund – to make land aquisitions. Ownership size varies by municipality, the municipality where the farm is located determines how much a foreigner can purchase. In the downloadable file lists all 5600 municipalities in Brazil in the middle column it states: “MOD FIS. (ha)”. Take the number listed and multiply this by 100. So if it states 55 then it is 5500 hectares that can be purchased in that specific location.



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